Kitakyushu Hotels Guide: Where to Stay in the Northern Kyushu

Kitakyushu, located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, is a city rich in history, culture, and modern attractions. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family on vacation, or a business traveler, finding the right accommodation is key to enjoying your stay. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best hotels and ryokans in Kitakyushu, focusing on two main areas: Around Kokura Station and Around Mojiko Station.

Accommodation & Attractions Map

Here’s a selection of Kitakyushu hotels, primarily around the vital railway hub of JR Kokura Station, and the vibrant areas of Mojiko Retro district. You’ll also find recommendations near must-visit attractions like Kokura Castle, Kyushu Railway Memorial Museum, and the picturesque Kanmon Strait. Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s rich history or enjoy modern conveniences, these accommodations offer a gateway to the unique experiences that Kitakyushu has to offer.

Selected Kitakyushu Hotel Ratings & Prices

Hotel NameAreaRatingPriceCheck Availability
JR Kyushu Station Hotel KokuraKokura7.8JPY
Quintessa Hotel Kokura Comic & BooksKokura8.7JPY
Suisui Garden RyokanKokura8.8JPY
Hotel Relief Kokura StationKokura7.8JPY
RIHGA Royal Hotel KokuraKokura8.45JPY
Premier Hotel MojikoMojiko8.55JPY
Fukuoka Mojiko StayMojiko9.1JPY

Hotels Around Kokura Station

Kokura is the railway hub of Kitakyushu, with the Kagoshima Main Line, Nippo Main Line, and Hita-Hikosan Line passing through. It’s also the only Shinkansen (bullet train) station in Kitakyushu, making it the preferred accommodation spot for exploring the area. You can use the monorail to travel within Kokura, and nearby attractions like the Danjo Market and Kokura Castle are within walking distance.

JR Kyushu Station Hotel Kokura

  • Rating: 7.9/10.0, Agoda 7.7/10.0
  • Price: JPY 9000
  • Transport: Kokura Station 1min
  • Check Availability:, Agoda

A mid-range business hotel integrated with Kokura Station. Various restaurants and department stores are located downstairs. The hotel rooms are relatively large, and there’s an attached parking lot.

Quintessa Hotel Kokura Comic & Books

  • Rating: 8.7/10.0, Agoda 8.7/10.0
  • Price: JPY 7000
  • Transport: Kokura Station 2mins
  • Check Availability:, Agoda

A budget hotel just two minutes’ walk from Kokura Station. Offers single rooms, suitable for solo travelers. Free salad and curry rice buffet in the morning and evening. Coin-operated washing machines on the second floor.

Suisui Garden Ryokan

  • Rating: 8.7/10.0, Agoda 8.9/10.0
    Price: JPY 37000
  • Transport: Kokura Station 8mins, Monorail Tanga Station 2mins
  • Check Availability:, Agoda,

This luxury inn (Ryokan) is one of the Registered Tangible Cultural Properties, located in ART HOTEL Kokura New Tagawa’s “Hyakunen no Niwa” Japanese garden. The garden has been ranked among the top 50 in the magazine Sukiya Living for several years. The exterior has a historical feel, but the interior is beautifully decorated, with great views of the Japanese garden from the rooms. Fresh and delicious cuisine is prepared using ingredients from the nearby Tanga Market, known as the kitchen of Kitakyushu. Suisui has only three guest rooms, offering an exclusive experience of a Japanese garden.

Hotel Relief Kokura Station

  • Rating: 7.4/10.0, Agoda 8.2/10.0
  • Price: JPY 6000
  • Transport: Kokura Station 2mins
  • Check Availability:, Agoda

A Japanese-style business hotel near Kokura Station. Comfortable and clean rooms, though small. Lower price, with free self-service home-baked bread. Please note that Annex is 10 minutes away from Kokura Station.

RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura

  • Rating: 8.3/10.0, Agoda 8.6/10.0
  • Price: JPY 20000
  • Transport: Kokura Station 3mins
  • Check Availability:, Agoda

A high-end hotel accessible via a corridor from Kokura Station, about a 3-minute walk. English communication is not a problem. Spacious rooms, all located on the 14th floor or above, offer views similar to “the best of Japan’s New Three Most Spectacular Night Views.”

Hotels Around Mojiko Station

Mojiko is the most concentrated tourist spot in Kitakyushu, with the Kagoshima Main Line passing through. Right outside Mojiko Station, you’ll find attractions like the Kyushu Railway Memorial Museum, Mojiko Retro district, and more. You can take the Mojiko Retro sightseeing train for 10 minutes to reach the Kanmon Tunnel pedestrian path, or take a 5-minute ferry ride across the Kanmon Strait to Shimonoseki City on Honshu Island, where popular attractions like Karato Market and Akama Shrine await.

Premier Hotel Mojiko

  • Rating: 8.4/10.0, Agoda 8.7/10.0
  • Price: JPY 8000
  • Transport: Kokura Station 3mins
  • Check Availability:, Agoda

A mid-to-high-end hotel with an excellent location, the closest hotel to Mojiko Station. Located in the heart of Mojiko Retro district, a two-minute walk to the ferry point for a 5-minute ride across the Kanmon Strait to Shimonoseki City on Honshu Island, where you can visit another popular spot, Karato Market, for seafood.

Fukuoka Mojiko Stay

  • Rating: 9.1/10.0, Agoda 9.1/10.0
  • Price: JPY 15000
  • Transport: Kokura Station 6mins
  • Check Availability:, Agoda

An apartment-style hotel with multi-person rooms, convenient parking, suitable for group stays. A 6-minute walk from Mojiko Station.


Kitakyushu offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. From the bustling area around Kokura Station to the charming Mojiko district, travelers can find hotels and ryokans that provide comfort, convenience, and a taste of Japanese hospitality. Whether you’re looking to explore the historical sites, indulge in local cuisine, or simply relax in a luxurious setting, Kitakyushu has something to offer. Happy travels!

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