“The Swimming Pool” at Kanazawa’s 21st Century Museum: A Journey into Visual Illusion

Introduction: In the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum, a remarkable art installation by renowned artist Leandro Erlich awaits visitors. Titled “The Swimming Pool”, this piece is celebrated for its unique blend of visual illusion and interactive experience. Previously exhibited in various global locations, it has captivated audiences worldwide with its ingenious design.

Artwork Overview 🗺: “The Swimming Pool” is an immersive experience divided into two parts. Visitors first observe from above, experiencing the illusion of a deep pool. The second part, which requires a reservation, allows entry into the pool’s interior, creating a surreal experience of space and art merging.

Reservation Details ⏰: Entry to the pool’s interior is exclusive to visitors with a same-day reservation, available through two methods: online booking and on-site self-service kiosks, both opening at 9 AM.

  • Online Reservation: It’s recommended to book online at 9 AM, as the museum’s exhibition halls open at 10 AM. This helps avoid waiting at the venue.
  • Reservation Process: Reservations are made on the museum’s official website, available in English.
  • Email Confirmation: During the reservation process, you’ll receive an email. Follow the instructions to complete the reservation and receive a confirmation email.
  • Notification: After completing the reservation, you’ll be directed to a waiting page. Enable notifications to receive an alert when it’s your turn.

Ticket Information 💰: The museum offers General Exhibition and Special Exhibition tickets, with the latter including access to the General Exhibition. For “The Swimming Pool”, the General Exhibition ticket, priced at 450 JPY, is sufficient.

  • Waiting Time: Check the reservation page for waiting times and queue numbers. Arriving early allows time to explore other exhibition halls.
  • Reporting Time: Upon receiving an email titled “お呼出のご連絡” , head to the entrance of Exhibition Hall 6 for the pool. Report within 20 minutes of receiving the email to avoid automatic cancellation of your reservation.
  • Time Limit: The viewing experience inside the pool is limited to 5 minutes to ensure comfort for all visitors.

Additional Tips 🗓:

  1. Bus Pass Discount: Presenting a Kanazawa bus day pass when purchasing tickets can secure a group discount.
  2. Museum Hopping: Retain your ticket for discounts at other museums in the Hokuriku region, like the Toyama Glass Art Museum.
  3. Reservation Advice: Booking in advance is recommended. On a previous visit at 11 AM, the on-site queue had 500 people waiting.

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